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Taichung Bike Week Struggling with 2018 Dates

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TAICHUNG, Taiwan – Will Taichung Bike Week 2018 take place in the same constellation and hotels of Taichung’s business district? Today, on the third day of the event, which opened its doors on Tuesday, this became THE pressing question. The new Taipei Cycle 2018 end of October show dates is causing a lot of turmoil among the exhibitors in Taichung this year. And particularly now, as visitor numbers lag behind compared to previous years.

Taichung Bike Week Struggling with 2018 Dates
Taichung Bike Week Struggling with 2018 Dates

While the 2018 dates of Taichung Bike Week are announced at big signs at one of the hotels; the (unofficial) show organization and the hotel asked exhibitors today if they prefer a different timing. The options for next year would be 25-28 September or 23-26 October.

Week before Taipei Cycle 2018

The second late October option would mean that the Taichung Bike Week is to take place in the week before the Taipei Cycle Show 2018 which is set for 31 October – 3 November. It was said that “This week before Taipei Cycle Show would make it more convenient for international visitors to go to both events”.

No clear future strategy

The lack of an official show organization, which was always called a major advantage of this low profile event, now proves to be a disadvantage. In response to the announcement of the new dates of Taipei Cycle Show in 2018, there is no clear strategy on the future of the industry event in Taichung.

Next year in late August?

Looking at Trek Bicycle’s decision to finalize it specifications for model year 2019 at Eurobike last September the best possible option to Taichung Bike Week is to move the event to former Eurobike dates: end of August or early September. For model year 2020 many North American brands are expected to follow Trek’s decision. With these dates the Taichung Bike Week would again serve the purpose for what it was once founded for: giving product managers the opportunity to finalize their new MY specifications in the most efficient way.

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