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Siemens Presents Keynote on Meeting Consumers’ High Online Demands at Bike Europe Conference

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FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany – Online ordering consumers not only want the products of their choice to be delivered in hours; they also demand flexibility and customized quality products. How to deal with that will be explained by Siemens at the July 7 Bike Europe Conference. The German industrial conglomerate is one of the keynotes. Others will also delve deep into data and digitalization and how to make it possible to meet consumers’ high online demands.

Siemens Presents Keynote on Meeting Consumers’ High Online Demands at Bike Europe Conference
At the Bike Europe Conference Siemens will explain that digitalization brings ideas and processes together. - Photo Siemens

One day before Eurobike 2018 starts, Bike Europe organizes its annual Conference at Messe Friedrichshafen. On Saturday 7 July keynote speakers as well as Practical Cases and a Q&A session will address the topic of what’s ‘Behind the Scenes of Online Sales’ in the bicycle sector. Early applicants can still profit from a 30 euro discount, but this is the final call for their bookings. The 30 euro discount on the regular participants fee of 199 euro has been extended to May 22, 2018.

Specific online challenges

The theme of this year’s Bike Europe Conference: ‘Behind the Scenes of Online Sales’, has all to do with the nowadays rapid growth of online sales. No wonder so many companies are incorporating this new distribution strategy. However, it doesn’t come easy. The focus shift from dealers to consumers comes with specific challenges. Most of all, it requires optimized product availability – to cater to the consumer demand for same-day delivery times measured in hours. What’s needed behind the scenes to adapt to this massive change in the industry?

Transforming data into value

Siemens is a company that has worked on the answers to address this vital issue. According to the German industrial conglomerate that answer is in data and digitalization. At the Bike Europe Conference Siemens will explain that digitalization brings ideas and processes together to form a unified digital enterprise. Its software makes it possible to produce faster; to produce more and to produce more customized products. According to Siemens “The future of manufacturing is about transforming data into value and to use it through software in all operating processes. Digitalization is a must. To become a digital company start with a top-down approach. Select one operating process that needs to improve; for instance R&D. Start there with the manageable digitalization of your company at limited costs. But realize it as it’s the start of a turnaround.”

Uniform product coding

Other keynote speakers will also address the question of incorporating data and digitalization in the operating processes of the bicycle sector. Using a system with uniform product coding could forms the basis of efficient digital operations. At the Bike Europe Conference Dutch DST, which stands for “Digitale Samenwerking Tweewielerbranche” or Digital Cooperation Two-Wheeler Industry, will explain the development of their uniform product coding. The DST presentation will of course also delve deep into the benefits their uniform product coding for 180,000 products from over 40 suppliers; including all the big ones, is bringing. It’s now in use at dealers in Holland and Belgium that use these codes for their online presentations, cash register and shop systems.” The Dutch uniform bicycle product coding standard is now ready for the European markets.

Bike Data Exchange

Another keynote on data and digitalization will come from Bidex which stands for Bike Data Exchange. Bidex is a German consortium aimed at for instance creating enhanced standards for data exchange in order to, for example, “Check online the availability of certain bicycle models in specialist shops. Even the bike manufacturer cannot say at which dealers the desired model in the wanted colour and frame size is available for interested consumers. With that many sales opportunities goes to waste.”


Furthermore, the Bike Europe Conference program includes Practical Case Studies as well as a Q&A session. Join us to learn more about these essential topics for success with your online sales.

The Bike Europe Conference on Online Sales takes place in Messe Friedrichshafen’s Room Schweiz at Conference Center West. The Conference starts on Saturday July 7 at 11.30 and ends at 16.00 with network drinks and finger foods. For more information and for registration details:

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