Jack’s Blog: Pushing Boundaries


Of all the Eurobike 2013 trends, if there is one phenomenon that is to be singled out, then it must be how the show indicated where the bike industry is pushing its boundaries. Beyond 25 km/h, I mean.

Jack’s Blog: Pushing Boundaries

With all the e-MTBs, s-pedelecs and even e-road racers, that according to Haibike offer ‘Uphill as the new Downhill’, the bicycle industry is stepping on the turf of the motorcycle industry. In particular because such models offer speeds up to 45 km/h (pedal assisted or non-pedal assisted).

In most European countries such maximum speeds are for scooters and mopeds; vehicles reserved for the motorcycle industry. By the way, there were some motorcycle companies at the Friedrichshafen show, aware of what is happening in 2-wheeled e-mobility. Companies like KYMCO or Benelli. But the likes of Honda, Piaggio or BMW seem to be unaware of the new e-bike and s-pedelec trend. Or is it that these giants simply don’t care?

That’s certainly not the case, as we point out in Bike Europe’s September issue. Here we explain the current actions to get to standardized Light Electric Vehicles (including e-bikes and s-pedelecs).

The motorcycle industry, including the named companies, are actively taking part in the standardization work, contrary to the bicycle industry. Is that the first glimpse of what’s on the horizon?

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