2013 – The Year of the Money


In business every year is the year of money – so why is 2013 different for cycling? Because this year those endless EU summits become a budget and a business plan. Miss the chance and we will spend the years to 2020 fighting for cycling’s place at the international policy table.

2013 – The Year of the Money

The EU dedicated just 0.7% of its transport budget to cycling, despite the fact that more than 7% of trips are done by bicycle. However, what the EU does believe in is markets and jobs so any business plan presented by ECF has much more impact if it is done in partnership with industry.

So this year will see a new dimension to the ECF Cycle Industry Club (CIC), presenting an industry case as well as an advocacy case for unlocking €6 billion in transport subsidies.

“To unlock big budgets, we need a team effort,” explains René Takens, CEO of Accell Group and a founding member of the CIC. “We’re calling upon industry companies big and small to back this, financially or otherwise. Our voice can make a difference.”

The rewards for getting €6 billion spent on cycling infrastructure could be huge. Unlocking this kind of money could double levels of cycling in Europe, and double the industry’s customer base. But we need to act now. There’s only a limited time in which we can include influence crucial EU budgets.

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