Creating a Bigger Cycling Market


How to create a bigger market for the global cycling industry? What is required to do this is a systems approach to cycling similar to what helped revolutionize the biomedical industry in the last 20 years.

Creating a Bigger Cycling Market

A systems approach to cycling means putting together rather than taking apart, integration rather than reduction. It requires that we develop new ways of thinking about integrating cycling as a positive factor into global systems that are as rigorous as reductionist programs designed to eliminate negative factors such as disease and food shortages, but different. It means changing our philosophy.

But, let’s take a very concrete example of what I mean by looking at cycling as a system. It is evident that continued urbanization of the world will lead to more and larger cities. Currently, there are 23 cities in the world with a population of more than 10 million people. By, 2025 there will be 37 cities with more than 10 million people in each of them. What does this mean for cycling?

Just imagine the life of an urban resident of the very near future living in a vertically-oriented city who comes out of his building, presses a button on a kiosk at the corner which delivers his e-bike automatically from a vast underground robotic storage garage. Rather than joining the decreasing number of commuters who stubbornly continue to drive alone in their cars suffering from delays and in-car air pollution he arrives quickly and in physically and mentally better condition at his place of work.

Once at work he folds his e-bike up and inserts it into his workstation where it powers his small electronic devices. All data he collected during the ride are downloaded to his computer including his Co2 savings which he will receive credits for to repay the cost of the purchase of his e-bike.

As he marvels at his ability to do all of this he remembers that he has the global cycling industry to thank for the shift in thinking they took toward cycling as a system in 2013!



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