We Try Harder


We try harder to be the best trade journal in the bike business. That’s why you see here a completely overhauled Bike Europe.

We Try Harder

We not only have restyled the magazine but have also focused on bringing our editorial content to a higher level. For example by having more on the financial issues of the worldwide bike sector.

With the electro mobility trend spreading throughout Europe and over to other continents in the next years, more money will be needed throughout the distribution chains of the sector. It’s the obvious consequence of electric bicycles (and light electric scooters on which experts say that this category will be The Next Big Thing) being three to four times more expensive compared to regular bicycles.

How is the bike sector financing all this? To have more insights on that we present you in this first renewed Bike Europe edition a column composed by Patrick Keating. He is Team Leader of Vélo Capital Partners. This is the first venture capital fund for the bicycle industry.

Another new columnist that we proudly present in this issue is Kevin Mayne from ECF’s Cycle Industry Club. The biggest in bikes are member of this lobby club that hopefully will be joined by many other companies. Cycle Industry Club is to have the European Union spend more money on an appropriate infrastructure for (e)bikes. But there’s much more. Please let me know if you like what you see and hopefully read.

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