Follow the Opportunity with Climate Financing


Urban cycling is the growth engine of the global cycling industry as the mountain bike and road bike markets have peaked. This is especially evident in Europe where there is a paradigm shift happening as consumers move to e-assist bicycles to replace cars and overcrowded mass transit systems. But, where is the real opportunity in this market and how can it be financed?

Follow the Opportunity with Climate Financing

Currently, the present generation of e-assist bikes are overpowered and overweight too.  For urban cycling less power is needed for trips that are typically less than an hour. In a vertical living market in most city centers where residents live in multi-story buildings lighter e-assist bikes are needed that can be carried up multiple flights of stairs.

Since e-assist bikes are reducing Co2 carbon credits can be potentially used by consumers, companies and/or governments with systems designed to track the miles of a user’s different transportation forms, tally the carbon burden (or benefit), and attaches carbon credits to carbon reductions of the person’s bike-based transport.

These carbon credits can then be sold in the over-the-counter voluntary carbon market, giving the consumer, companies and/or cities and towns that implement such a system a new revenue stream.  The time is now for the cycling industry to capitalize on it.

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