Search for Cycling Leaders


The ECF Leadership Programme recognises that one of the best ways to build cycling in more European countries is to invest in small and medium sized organisations who could become influential national leaders. It is one of the important investments of the ECF Cycling Industry Club, allowing cycling businesses to build political support.

Search for Cycling Leaders

As more companies have joined the ECF we have been able to support work in Italy, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Austria, Ireland and Sweden, now we are looking for more countries. This programme exists because of the power of cycling advocacy to change society in favour of cycling.

The ECF Leadership Programme is not a long term source of finance, it is a short-term transformation programme. We believe we can establish criteria that give the best possible return for this investment. This is a unique opportunity which we hope will excite and inspire many of our Industry Club members in the coming years and prove to be a big step in our aim to double cycling in Europe.

By 2020 we expect at least 20 national cycling bodies will have participated in the ECF Leadership Programme. That has the potential to create better cycling conditions for millions of Europeans which is a fantastic return on investment for the bicycle industry. And the more companies that join, the more countries we can help.

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