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The Copenhagen Wheel’ Ready for a Relaunch


BOSTON, US – Spark Capital with participation from Tumblr Founder and CEO David Karp invested 1.55 million euro in Superpedestrian, a company set out to commercialize the patented wheel technology of the Copenhagen Wheel.

The Copenhagen Wheel’ Ready for a Relaunch

Superpedestrian was founded by MIT SENSEable City Laboratory Associate Director Assaf Biderman who helped conceive and develop the acclaimed Copenhagen Wheel together with Carlo Ratti, the Lab’s director. That wheel transforms standard bicycles into hybrid e-bikes with integrated online platforms.

2009 Climate Conference

The Copenhagen Wheel was presented at the Copenhagen Climate Conference in 2009 but has not yet been commercialized successfully. Currently it is presented as: “an embodiment of a more general trend of inserting intelligence into our everyday objects to create a smart, supporting infrastructure around ourselves.”

“Within two months we will introduce the first-ever commercial model of the Copenhagen Wheel,” said Associate Director Assaf Biderman. “By fitting a Copenhagen Wheel on your bike, you can ride almost anywhere: hills feel flattened, distances shrunk, and it’s connected through a range of apps that let you control and personalize your bike.”

“The Superpedestrian team has come up with one of the most innovative means of urban travel to be introduced in recent decades,” said Spark Capital Co-Founder and General Partner Santo Politi. “Assaf and his team have taken the world’s most common mode of transport, the bicycle, and completely transformed it.”

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