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Toyota Gets into Light Electric Vehicles


GENEVA, Switzerland – It is one of the surprises of the Geneva Motor Show which is currently taking place in Switzerland (March 7 – 17); Toyota’s i-Road. It’s no science-fiction, but a very serious project with the first production models staged for 2014.

Toyota Gets into Light Electric Vehicles

The futuristic Toyota i-Road underlines once more that the boundaries between (engine powered or electric) two-wheelers and other mobility concepts are steadily fading. You can call the i-Road  a roofed scooter with two seats, electric drive and a front wheel tilting mechanism reminiscent of the Piaggio MP3. But this Toyota is different, because i-Road’s steering takes place with the rear wheel.

Personal Mobility Vehicles
One would think that the i-Road is a typical show prototype made for attracting attention to the brand. However, Toyota claims that’s not the case here. A spokesperson said: “In 2014 the first i-Road project starts with 70 models being deployed in a mobility project in and around the Grenoble region. What Toyota in fact states with this i-Road is that the company doesn’t believe in ‘ordinary’ electric cars. Toyota sees a more realistic future for electric mobility with so-called  Personal Mobility Vehicles made for one or two riders. They are affordable and fit for usage in urban areas.”

Comfortable to drive
Thanks to its rear wheel steering this small Toyota is hugely agile, as we saw on the small test track in one of the Geneva Motor Show halls. Turning circle: only three meters! Moreover, four i-Road’s fit on one parking spot for a mid-sized car as the vehicle is not larger or wider compared to a motorcycle. With an audio system and heating, this futuristic scooter is very comfortable to drive. The Toyota i-Road offers a range of 50 kilometers.

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