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Tern on Dispute with Dahon: ‘Agreement Reached


TAIPEI, Taiwan – On April 2 Bike Europe reported on Dahon’s unilateral declaration in which it said it has settled its legal disputes with Tern. Now Tern’s Joshua Hon mailed Bike Europe a statement on the troubles between the two companies.

Tern on Dispute with Dahon: ‘Agreement Reached

Tern’s official comment on the legal disputes with Dahon and the letter sent by Dahon just before the opening of last month Taipei Cycle Show says: “Dahon North America opened legal proceedings against many parties, including Tern, Dahon and Hon Industrial, members of the media, former component partners, PR representatives, and former employees of Dahon & Hon and Dahon North America. It has been a big responsibility defending these various parties, but it was the right thing to do. We are very pleased to announce that an agreement has been reached with Dahon North America, resolving all cases. We wish Dahon the best. And we look forward to making great bikes.”

With this it looks that the legal dispute that took two years has finally been settled between the two companies.

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