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Trek Takes Over Electra


WATERLOO, USA – Trek Bicycle took over the Californian based Electra Bicycle Company. “Joining the Trek family provides Electra with business and logistical support as well as distribution assets that will ensure the growth of the brand,” said Trek president John Burke.

Trek Takes Over Electra
Electra president Skip Hess (l.) and Nicola Bowen, marketing manager Europa: “we can now grow the Electra brand and get more people everywhere riding Electra.” - Photo Bike Europe

“I have always admired the Electra brand”, said John Burke. “They done some amazing things with limited resources. We will be able to provide financial, supply chain, distribution, and sales support that will help Electra take its business to the next level.”

Product management

Burke also pointed out that Trek will not interfere with Electra’s product management and marketing.”

“We are thrilled to have a great new partner in Trek,” said Electra president Skip Hess. “It’s going to give us the resources to grow the Electra brand and get more people everywhere riding and loving Electra.” The Electra brand will continue to be managed and marketed at its headquarters in Vista, California.

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