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Full Colour Covers for Bosch Motors


ULFT, the Netherlands – It is called ‘Cudo’ and gives an all new look to the style of the Bosch e-bike mid-motor. For e-bike manufacturers it aims on differentiating their Bosch specified e-bikes.

Full Colour Covers for Bosch Motors

Dutch Hesling is a specialist in producing chain covers with a history dating back for decades. The new Hesling Cudo comes in two different versions to match the Hesling Cortez chain guard or chain case Cadena which are already on the market.

Variety of colours

All type of covers distinguished themselves in shape and, more important, in colour. The Bosch covers are available in a wide variety of colours. To create a perfectly clean look to the e-bike, Hesling Cudo motor covers can also be matched with the colours of the bike frame or transfer.


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