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First Pics of Mid-Motor at Europe’s Biggest in E-Bikes


HEERENVEEN, the Netherlands – Europe’s biggest in e-bikes is Dutch Sparta, part of Accell Group NV. This bike maker was the first to start with electric city bikes over a decade ago. After years and years of front and rear wheel hub motors the company is for MY 2016 introducing a mid-motor drive system. Here are the first photos.

First Pics of Mid-Motor at Europe’s Biggest in E-Bikes
First Pics of Mid-Motor at Europe’s Biggest in E-Bikes

Accell Group developed its own mid-motor e-bike system to meet demand for this rapidly growing category. For its front and rear wheel hub motors Accell Group is partnering with a factory in China. However for the production of its mid-motor system the company looked for another motor manufacturer and found one in Japan with Yamaha.

Distinctive character

Yamaha provides the hardware, in this case the motor. Sparta/Accell Group adds all the elements of its ION system. This includes the Accell Universal Motor Controller, the battery, and the display. “As a result Sparta is able to spec a mid-motor system on the MY 2016 e-bikes. With it they offer a highly distinctive character in relation to the other systems on the market,” says Sparta’s commercial director Mark Kuper.

Half million ION e-bikes delivered

In 2003 Sparta initiated the e-bike boom in the Netherlands, which also contributed to the growing popularity in other countries. Since that start more than 500,000 e-bikes (including other Accell brands) with the in-house developed ION drive system have been sold.

For their mid-motor Sparta wanted to create a new drive system with the lowest possible noise levels, in combination with outstanding drivability characteristics. Due to internal gears mid-motors will always generate more noise than the direct-drive front or rear wheel motors. Market research showed that the noise level is an important issue for people riding e-bikes recreationally. Therefore Sparta invested heavily in test equipment in order to reduce the noise level to a minimum.

Reduced noise level

According to a Sparta’s Mark Kuper, “The result is that we have developed a special motor cover. We also adapted the frame design, the mounting of the motor, as well as the connection between the motor and the chain guard. Also adjusting various parts inside the motor proved to be essential to reduce the noise of the motor to a minimum. The same goes for the ION software, which has been set differently. All this has been done just to reduce the level of noise.”

ION legacy

According to the Accell director the result is a mid-motor drive system that is fit to carry the ION legacy further. The exclusive Accell Group mid-motor system will be spec’ed on Sparta MY 2016 e-bikes. Other Accell Group brands are expected to spec the new motor system after MY 2016. More on the Sparta mid-motor is in Bike Europe’s August (Eurobike preview) edition that has a print publication date of August 11 and online on August 10.

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