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Scientia Is Selle Royal’s Newest Saddle Range


FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany – In Hall A5 at stand 301 Selle Royal is launching its new Scientia range that has been developed with researchers from the Sport University Cologne, the largest sports university in Europe.

Scientia Is Selle Royal’s Newest Saddle Range
Selle Royal launches 9 new ergonomic Scientia saddles. – Photo Selle Royal

Using hundreds of volunteers, researchers developed rigorous methods for quantifying the classic considerations of saddle design: gender differences, saddle shape, and the role played by ischial distance. The result is 9 new ergonomic Scientia saddles.

Special features

All nine share a series of special features which give support and comfort just where each rider needs them.

  • Body Contour – A radius-specific design to provide optimum comfort for differing spine angles. The more inclined the Riding Position, the smaller the edge-radius.
  • Rear Plateau – An elevated rear section to prevent backward sliding and decrease pressure in the saddle middle which can cause discomfort.
  • Central Reservoir – Indentation in the saddle middle whose shape and dimensions have been studied to correspond to ischial variations for greater comfort.
  • 3D Skin Gel – Royalgel is placed intelligently at critical points of contact on the saddle surface for added shock absorption, while reducing overall saddle weight.
  • Curva Suspension – The unique curved suspension design is attached at the rear of the base to offer exclusive comfort by avoiding pressure on the seat bone contact points and guaranteeing additional lateral flexibility.

Selle Royal’s Scientia saddles are available from 1st September 2015.

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