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Easybike Opens New E-bike Factory


SAINT LO, France – Supported by the local community as well as regional authorities, Easybike built a brand new factory completely dedicated to the production of e-bikes. The new plant was opened last Tuesday.

Easybike Opens New E-bike Factory
The city of Saint Lo invested 3.9 million euro in the Easybike e-bike facility. – Photo Easybike

The capacity of the new factory is 20,000 units for 2016 which is to increase to 60,000 in 2018. According to a report in the French L’Usine Nouvelle, “The construction of the factory was arranged by the city of Saint Lo who invested 3.9 million euro in the project, while the department of Manche contributed 300,000 euro. Easybike who will lease the facility emphasises the special character of this public-private partnership.”

‘One of the largest in Europe’

In the press release, the Easybike facility is presented as, “One of the largest e-bike dedicated factories in Europe.” It measures 4,100 square metres and includes two assembly lines, two paints shops and a fireproof building to store batteries.

According to Easybike’s marketing and communication manager Sylvie Woroniecki, “The e-bikes made in Saint Lo will range in price between 1,600 and 3,500 euro for the iconic Solex brand and between 1,600 and 4,000 euro for the Matra range.”

Relocation from China to France

“The choice for Saint Lo to locate the new factory is no coincidence. In 2013 Easybike acquired the then folding bike specialist Mobiky-Tech based in Saint Lo. When Easybike also bought Solex with the ambition to relocate the production from China to France Saint Lo was our first choice. Also the Matra branded bikes, which were added to the group in December 2014, will be assembled in the new factory.”

Easybike will employ some 40 people in Saint Lo for production and R&D. Another 30 people will be based in the company’s head office in Paris.


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