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Flyer Producer Biketec Takes Control Over Distribution in Benelux


HUTTWILL, Switzerland – After doing the same in Austria recently and earlier in other countries Swiss e-bike manufacturer Biketec AG (maker of Flyer) now takes control over its distribution in the Benelux countries; one of its most important markets. Biketec has taken over Benelux importer Amazing Wheels.

Flyer Producer Biketec Takes Control Over Distribution in Benelux
“We are delighted with the Dutch acquisition because it will bring us even closer to our most important export markets,” said Biketec CEO Simon Lehmann. – Photo Biketec

The 100 percent acquisition of Amazing Wheels by Biketec has not been spurred by last year’s appreciation of the Swiss franc and the impact that has on the (retail) pricing of the Flyer e-bikes in the Benelux (as well as in other euro countries). However, the considerable increase in value of the Swiss franc against the euro speeded up the take-over talks between Biketec and Amazing Wheels that were already going on for some time. That discussions got started because the Amazing Wheels shareholders wanted to divest.

Swiss franc appreciation speeded up take-over talks

“The appreciation of the Swiss franc made the Amazing Wheels take-over for Biketec cheaper and it speeded up the take-over discussions,” says Amazing Wheels General Manager Tim de Rooij. He continues by saying that the take-over will not have any impact on the (retail) pricing of the Flyer e-bikes in the Benelux.

Biketec’s long term vision

Tim de Rooij says further, “The take-over fits with Biketec’s long term vision to control the distribution in the markets where the company has a presence. Strategically it is not about consolidation but about expansion. We will work closer together and could possibly launch for instance Biketec-Flyer leasing and rental activities in our markets.”

Closer to markets

Biketec CEO Simon Lehmann, who could not be reached for comments this morning, states in a press release, “We are delighted with the Dutch acquisition because it will bring us even closer to our most important export markets. I am convinced that this deal will complement the respective competences of our two companies ideally. Biketec’s long partnership with Amazing Wheels was already proving successful – now cooperation will intensify even further. It provides an ideal opportunity to increase the synergies between both companies and to align our products increasingly to the requirements of Benelux consumers.”

Amazing Wheels’ portfolio

Amazing Wheels was founded in 2004. In addition to dealing in Biketec’s Flyer premium e-bikes, the Dutch company is also the Benelux distributor for domestic manufacturer Dutch ID, as well as the Christiania and Firstbike brands. This brand portfolio will not be affected by the takeover by Biketec.

General Manager Tim de Rooij will continue to oversee the day-to-day operations of Amazing Wheels. He welcomes the deal with Biketec and is confident that all parties involved – as well as consumers – will benefit from the new closer partnership: “Both partners are also discussing the possibility of introducing the Dutch ID brand, owned by Amazing Wheels, on markets already well served by Biketec’s extensive sales network.”

Biketec production

E-bike pioneer Biketec was founded in 2001 and in 2009 moved into the most modern and first factory in Europe designed exclusively for the manufacture of e-bikes. The factory comprises 10 assembly lines, enabling the 200 specialized workforce to produce up to 400 Flyer premium e-bikes daily. The company is market leader in Switzerland, and exports some 75 percent of its production to Germany, the Benelux countries and Austria.

Optima Mobility Group

Michael van der Meijden, until now Amazing Wheels CEO, will in future concentrate exclusively on his work with the Optima Mobility Group (the previous parent company of Amazing Wheels). He says, “The deal with Biketec is the fulfilment of a plan initiated several years ago. By disposing of my administrative duties at Amazing Wheels, I will now be able to focus fully on the sectors of purchasing and product development. As a result we will be able to accelerate our expansion on the Asian and domestic Dutch markets.”

No redundancies

The acquisition agreement between Biketec and Amazing Wheels was signed on 11 February 2016. Both parties have agreed not to disclose the purchase price. The deal is not expected to result in any redundancies. As the distributor of the Dutch ID brand, Amazing Wheels will continue its close collaboration with the Optima Mobility Group.

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