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Battery Maker BMZ Increases ‘Made in Germany’ Production

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KARLSTEIN, Germany – One of Europe’s leading system provider and intelligent battery specialist BMZ GmbH celebrated the official opening of two new production, logistics and administration buildings. The new area was added to the existing 7,000 square meter production facility at its German headquarters in Karlstein.

Battery Maker BMZ Increases ‘Made in Germany’ Production
Sven Bauer, CEO BMZ GmbH (l.) and Daniel Fabbiano, BMZ GmbH plant manager, at the official opening of the first section of BMZ GmbH’s facility expansion. – Photo BMZ

Depending on market demand BMZ is now able to develop, produce and test up to 200 million lithium-ion batteries with a total storage capacity of around 15 GWh per year.

Expansion plan 2020

The opening last week is only the first part of BMZ’s expansion plan. Until 2020 the German company plans to build four additional production, laboratory and administration buildings on its Karlstein-Grosswelzheim business premises which measures 55,000 square meter in total. Once that new facility will be up and running completely the BMZ headquarters will employ a maximum of 1,500 people producing, “up to 800 million lithium-ion batteries in different sizes with a total storage volume of around 40 GWh per year,” is noted by BMZ.

Giant project

For many years the German system provider and manufacturer of intelligent battery solution has been “a multi-million euro investor” to expand its international production capacities rapidly. At the present time BMZ overlooks its own factories in Germany, China, USA and Poland. All in all the production size is approximately 120,000 square meter.

At the official opening of the new buildings in Karlstein, Germany, BMZ owner and CEO Sven Bauer underlines that the ongoing 80 million euro investment in the headquarters, “is a giant project and an important mile stone in the more than 20 years history of our company.”

Booming lithium-ion battery demand

Moreover he noted that, “with the discussion on subsidies for e-cars it is easy to forget that lithium-ion batteries can also be used for e-bikes, e-tools, electric garden tools, storage units for renewable energies, lifting and transport vehicles, diggers etc. Different to e-cars we already experience a real boom in demand. We estimate that the demand in the segments mentioned will increase by approximately 15 to 30 percent annually. The modular extension concept of our new factory makes us more flexible and allows us to react faster on any growth strategy and customer requirement”.

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