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Joy Tech Start Fully Automated Carbon Rim Production

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TAICHUNG, Taiwan – In close cooperation with a local partner, Taiwanese component manufacturer Joy Tec has developed a fully automated carbon rim production. “The robotized manufacturing has many advantages over manual production,” explained Jeff Chen of Joy Tech.

Joy Tech Start Fully Automated Carbon Rim Production
“This new technology is a big step forward in the quality,” said Jeff Chen of Joy Tech. – Photo Bike Europe

“This new technology is a big step forward in the final quality of the rim as the robotized production is very precise,” said Jeff Chen. “The pattern of the carbon layers is always the same in each rim and the main difference is the reduction of failures. A part of this technique is the tolerance control during the production.”

Lead time for development

It took Joy Tech and its Taiwanese partner – who is a specialist in carbon fibre, more than a year to develop this new kind of rim production. The main problem was to find a good balance between heat dissipation, rigidity, and strength. Joy Tech expects to start this new production line next January for model year 2018. Besides the quality issues, the new production has many more advantages.

“The price will be approximately 15% less than a comparable rim made by hand,” said Jeff Chen. “The lead time will also be reduced substantially. We expect to bring it down from three months to roughly 45 days. The first Novatec branded model made with this new technology will be a 25C to 35C tubeless road rim. It will be 38 mm high and 26 mm wide and weigh 460 grams.”

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