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Ritchey Switches to Dealer Direct Distribution in Europe

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LUGANO, Italy – Ritchey International has opened a new logistics operation at Multisped GmbH, in Singen, Germany, and has started a dealer direct supply program based on its complete bikes and frames.

Ritchey Switches to Dealer Direct Distribution in Europe
Its new logistics operation in Singen, Germany allows Ritchey to switch to dealer direct distribution in Europe. – Photo Ritchey

From this location, Ritchey is servicing retailers in all countries within the European Community with its steel bikes and frames, as well as its components.

Strengthened sales force and revised marketing approach

“The opening of our own facility in Europe will allow Ritchey to reach more retailers, and broaden our availability of products. The complete bikes are a great addition to our range, and continue the strong heritage that Ritchey has always had for high quality steel frames. With a strengthened sales force, a completely revised marketing approach, and much closer involvement with the press, we are able to work with the best dealers to have Ritchey bikes and components represented to their fullest,” said Riccardo Deliziosi, Ritchey’s Director of Sales.

Reinforced partnership with major distributors

Together with this new distribution channel, Ritchey has reinforced its partnership with the three bigger European distributors that have been successfully working with Ritchey for many years: Cosmic Sports GmbH in Germany, Paligap Ltd in the UK, and Tehava BV in the Netherlands.

These distributors will continue to offer Ritchey components and accessories to retailers all over Europe.

Ritchey will also continue to collaborate with the regional distributors that have been working with the company in the past years.

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