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Speed E-Bike Helmets: Who Is First?

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AMSTERDAM, the Netherlands – Mandatory helmet use for speed e-bike riders as of January 1, 2017 spurred helmet manufacturers to develop suitable models. Several brands recently launched speed e-bike helmets that comply with the NTA 8776 standard. First dealer deliveries will take place at the end of 2016 or early 2017.

Speed E-Bike Helmets: Who Is First?
The speed e-bike helmet looks like a regular bicycle helmet, including the ventilation vents. – Photo Bike Europe

As first country in Europe, the Dutch law requires the use of a dedicated speed e-bike helmet as of January 2017. An international project group drafted the NTA 8776 standard with the ambition to turn it into a European standard within three years. NTA 8776 was published early August 2016.

International project group

ABUS, BBB Cycling, Lazer and Met, all members of the international project group, are among the first that announced to start deliveries of speed e-bike helmets which comply with NTA 8776 soon.

The ABUS helmet which was presented at the autumn shows is called the Pedelec and fully complies with the NTA standard. The German manufacturer reports that deliveries will start early 2017.

ABUS, BBB, Met, Lazer

Pon.Bike brand BBB Cycling, one of the participants in the international project group, showed their design recently at their ‘Business & Fun Event’. “We are busy with product development and expect to be ready by January 2017,” said Leon Overgaag, director product development at BBB.

Met is also busy developping a new speed e-bike helmet which complies with the NTA 8776. The manufacturer can not confirm a product introduction date.

Also Belgian Lazer showed a speed e-bike helmet at Eurobike. At that time it was a prototype and it was not known when it would be available on the market.

In general the speed e-bike helmet looks like a regular bicycle helmet, including the ventilation vents. The main differences are the larger head protection area and the ability to handle a higher impact.

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