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Herrmans Launches Rim Tape For Semi Fat Rims


PIETARSAARI, Finland – The Herrmans HPA+ rim tape has been developed especially for semi-fat 27,5” and 29” rims. This HPA+ (blue) rim tape comes with Herrmans new Wing technology (W-Tech).

Herrmans Launches Rim Tape For Semi Fat Rims

The Wing technology makes the tape profile flexible and easier to mount on the rim. It therefore smoothly follows the rim profile and stays in place. The rim tape does not interfere with the bed of the tyre. At the same time the rim tape does not lose its rigidity.

Rim tape that is too stiff will not follow the rim profile, making a correct assembly of the rim tape and tyre more difficult. On the other hand, rim tape that is too loose will be pushed into the spoke holes thanks to the tyre pressure reducing the protective life span of the rim tape.

HPA+ is made out of PVC, it is thin and low in weight while it can stand a maximum pressure of 6 bars or 87 psi. The rim tapes have upgraded pinch resistance for long riding sessions. They are available with valve holes for rims with the American valve (Schrader valve) of 9 millimeter.


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