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MIFA Production Start in New Factory is Imminent

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SANGERHAUSEN, Germany – “The production of bicycles in our new built factory here in Sangerhausen is about to start,” confirmed MIFA owner and CEO Heinrich von Nathusius yesterday to Bike Europe. The brand new factory heralds a new page in MIFA’s long history.

MIFA Production Start in New Factory is Imminent
The brand new factory heralds a new page in the long history of the MIFA. – Photo Bike Europe

The newly constructed MIFA factory is located just outside the city of Sangerhausen along the highway, making it easily accessible. “With one shift we have a capacity of 500,000 units which we can triple when working in three shifts,” explain Von Nathusius. “We have started with the production for our supermarket customers, while later in the season we will shift to mid and high-end bicycles as well as e-bikes.”

Order book filled

Von Nathusius also confirmed reports saying that MIFA’s 2017 order book is filled with orders worth up to 42 million euro, as was mentioned last Friday by local newspaper ‘Volksstimme’. On the other hand Von Nathusius also said, “There are no financial difficulties as reported by Volksstimme. Perhaps there has been a mix up as the shareholders of IFA Rotorion and MIFA are the same while we also paid the final amount of just over 2 million euro last week as part of the finalization of the new factory.”

According to Von Nathusius all the credit lines of the three banks which have been involved in the project since Von Nathusius took over, are still open.



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