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Belgium Extends E-Bike Tax Benefits 

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BRUSSELS, Belgium – Hundreds of thousands of e-bike riders in Belgium are participating in a ‘cycle to work’ tax scheme. In 2015 the National Government already spent € 93 million for this program which has been extended to speed-pedelecs recently.

Belgium Extends E-Bike Tax Benefits 
The Belgium Government financially supports speed-pedelec commuters. – Photo Bike Europe

Previously the ‘cycle to work’ tax scheme had been available to all people riding 25 km/h e-bikes only. In a recent change the tax scheme was opened up to 45 km/h speed pedelecs as well. Anything faster still isn’t eligible.

Encourage bicycle commuting

Belgium’s Minister of Finance, Johan Van Overtveldt, explained that, “we want to encourage commuting by bicycles for obvious reasons, notwithstanding the type of bicycle used. Employers in Belgium can currently reward staff for commuting by bike, paying them € 0.23 for every kilometre they cycle, in an effort to promote environmentalism and a healthier lifestyle.

Scientific research on speed pedelec commuting

At the request of the Flemish Environment Department, the universities KU Leuven and VUB Brussels together with the Belgian electromobility association ASBE are researching the mobility potential of light electric vehicles in Flanders.

In this framework the researchers are investigating the experiences of commuters who use a speed pedelec to travel to and from work. For that purpose, they have developed a brief survey. The research is expected to be completed by next September.

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