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RZC Investments Takes-Over Cycling Lifestyle Brand Rapha

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LONDON, UK – Rapha founder Simon Mottram and a group of founding shareholders, including lead investor, Active Partners have sold a majority of their share to US-based RZC Investments.

RZC Investments Takes-Over Cycling Lifestyle Brand Rapha
Network of Rapha Clubhouses is part of the success of this cycling wear brand. – Photo Rapha Clubhouse Melbourne

Since its launch in 2004, Rapha claims to have introduced “new levels of quality, style and performance to cycling apparel and accessories, underpinned by our four-year sponsorship of Team Sky. We have also been successful with our direct to consumer business model. We pioneered new approaches to content and marketing and to omni-channel retail and customer engagement through the Rapha Clubhouses in key cities, the global Rapha Cycling Club (RCC), the in-house Rapha Travel business, and global Rapha events series,” says Rapha CEO Simon Mottram.

Currently Rapha reports selling through 20 local websites, shipping to over 100 countries and operating 17 Clubhouses in cities around the world, with seven new clubhouses opening by the end of this year alone. The business has grown by more than 25% every year, has been profitable since 2009 with 450 employees now.

Next phase of Rapha’s development

The acquisition by RZC Investments will allow Rapha to roll out its Clubhouse network, Membership club and range of products and services, expand its reach globally and strengthen its leadership position in cycling. Simon Mottram will remain as Chief Executive and has retained a significant part of his stake in the business.

“It heralds the start of the next phase of our company and marks the potential that people see in Rapha and in cycling,” says Simon Mottram. “The arrival of RZC Investments as a shareholder means we can pursue our mission to elevate cycling as a global sport and recruit more participants by engaging them and enabling them to ride with us at all levels.”

Rapha’s strategic vision

“Rapha represents the very best in the world of cycling,” explains Stuart Walton, co-founder of RZC Investments. “Our investment demonstrates our believe in the future of this business. has set the company on a path of tremendous growth and opportunity.”


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