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Ruud Sjamaar Appointed GM of Klever Mobility Europe

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COLOGNE, Germany – After more than six years Klever Mobility Europe GmbH’s general manager Fritz G. Baumgarten has left the Cologne-based company. He will be succeeded by former Gazelle CEO Ruud Sjamaar. 

Ruud Sjamaar Appointed GM of Klever Mobility Europe
Klever Mobility Europe new general manager Ruud Sjamaar. – Photo Klever Mobility

Ruud Sjamaar started in his new position on 4 September at the e-bike subsidiary of Taiwan’s powered two-wheeler giant Kymco. Sjamaar is not completely new at Klever. He has been building the brand over the last four years, and has founded Klever Mobility NL to start distribution on the Benelux market two years ago.


Mario Sillack will remain head of sales for the D-A-CH markets. He and Ruud Sjamaar will work closely together to further grow the Klever business. For Klever Mobility founder and CEO Victor Ko it is important to mention “we thank Fritz Baumgarten what he has done to build the company.”
Klever e-bikes are currently distributed in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium while expansion is planned to Switzerland, Spain, France and Italy in 2018.

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