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Hebie Changes Market Approach and Pulls Out of Eurobike


BIELFELD, Germany – To address its customers more effectively and adequately the German component manufacturer Hebie decided to cancel its presentation at Eurobike. “Meetings at large audience shows are often very rudimentary and the results are always less than expected,” says Christian Junker, Marketing Director at Hebie.

Hebie Changes Market Approach and Pulls Out of Eurobike

“In our new market strategy we want to look after our customers more intensively,” explains Christian Junker. “It is primarily aimed at establishing a more sustainable market position with more customer’s loyalty and strategic partnerships. Our new market concept is primarily based on customer specific product development and offering solutions for complex design issues.”

Joint campaigns

“In our future market orientation there is no room for exhibiting by traditional means at Eurobike. Instead, IBDs will be addressed specifically through joint campaigns with wholesale trade and more dealer service support in the shops by sales promotors.”

“We do believe in this new market approach, which is exiting and a great challenge for us. In any case this new outline better reflects our innovative ambitions,” says Christian Junker.

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