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Cycling Experts to Deliver a Blueprint of the EU Cycling Strategy

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BRUSSELS, Belgium – Anticipating on the Velo-city 2017 conference which will take place next June, key European experts in cycling and related fields have gathered in Brussels to discuss the blueprint of the EU Cycling Strategy. ECF Advocacy Director Ádám Bodor commented on the gathering, “the participation of world renewed experts contributes to the success of the EU Cycling Strategy.”

Cycling Experts to Deliver a Blueprint of the EU Cycling Strategy
Key European experts in cycling and related fields recently gathered in Brussels to discuss the blueprint of the EU Cycling Strategy. – Photo ECF

What is the ECF aiming for with its so called EU Cycling Strategy? The strategy is described as, “encouraging more people to cycle more often’ across the EU has the potential to unlock socio-economic benefits worth billions of Euros. Stakeholders from diverse backgrounds have therefore joined forces to develop a blueprint for an EU Cycling Strategy which will recommend objectives and define actions falling within EU competence. Published at the Velo-city 2017 conference in June it will then be submitted to the European Commission as a new inspiration for action.”

Tremendous benefits of cycling

Last week the top European cycling experts from governmental and non-governmental organisations, industry and academia met already for the second time. Continuing earlier discussions on the chapters of the blueprint for the EU Cycling Strategy, the experts shared their ideas on the cycling modal share potential by 2030 in the EU and defined Key Performance Indicators in order to evaluate the success of the future Cycling Strategy.

Fulfil the Paris Agreement Commitments

During the meetings was stressed that a doubling of cycling in Europe would bring tremendous economic, environmental, health and other benefits. Moreover, it would help the European Union to fulfil its Paris Agreement Commitments, meet Air Quality standards, and it would contribute to social and gender equality, active and healthy ageing goals.

The EU Cycling Strategy blueprint document will be finalised this June, and handed over to the EU Commissioner for Transport, Ms. Violeta Bulc, at the Velo-city 2017 conference, with the campaigners goal to include the EU Cycling Strategy in the European Commission Work Plan 2018.

Public consultation

The ECF reports that once a draft document for the blueprint will be finalised in early March, public consultations will be open on-line. Everybody – authorities, civil society organisations, academia, industry, decision makers and every cycling lover in Europe will be invited to contact the ECF and provide their comments on the developed draft document. Finally, the third expert group meeting will be held in April to discuss the proposed changes, and to draft a final version of the blueprint of the EU Cycling Strategy.

Meanwhile, ECF points out that everybody is welcome to join the group of experts, partners, and more than 80 supporting organisations worldwide, and demonstrate its support to the campaign for a EU Cycling Strategy.

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