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New French Industry Association Outlines Cycling and Mobility Policy

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PARIS, France – Last November a new bicycle industry association was founded in France. Now this association has approved a roadmap with action plans to promote the use of bicycles. On 17 January these plans were outlined by the ‘cycling and active mobility’ committee of the new French industry association which is named ‘Sports & Cycling’.

New French Industry Association Outlines Cycling and Mobility Policy
New French industry association, named ‘Sports & Cycling’, approved roadmap for promoting bicycle use. – Photo L’Union sport & cycle

Some fifty managers from sports and cycling companies gathered on 17 January in Paris to discuss the roadmap. The event was chaired by André Ghestem, CEO of Shimano France and Denis Briscadieu, CEO of Cyclelab.

An important part of this roadmap includes an annual presentation of market data. The importance of this so called ‘economic intelligence’ was brought forward in a recent study on ‘the French and their outdoor activities’ which was conducted by the national Ministry of Sports and the new Sports & Cycling industry organization.

Main issues

After a fruitful discussion the participants decided prioritize three main issues to promote cycling. These are:

  1. Prevent cycle theft with guarded parking facilities, and national registration system and to grow awareness among the cyclists.
  2. Convincing local politicians and parliamentarians to implement a bicycle allowance per kilometer.
  3. Getting support for an ecological bonus to purchase an e-bike.

Olivier Schneider, President of the Federation of Bicycle Users (FUB) also presented an ambitious advocacy plan during this election year and campaigned for the launch in 2018 of an ‘Observatory of the Cyclability’ (national cycling plan).

‘L’Union Sport & Cycle’ unites French industry

The industry association Sports & Cycling (L’Union sport & cycle) was founded last autumn after nine months of discussions. It replaces the three former organizations in the cycling and sports industry. These were the Fifas, which represented the French sporting goods manufacturers, the FPS, which mainly gathered the trading companies of sports and cycling products and the bicycle industry association Univélo.

The new industry association brings together 1,400 companies manufacturing and distributing sporting goods, leisure and mobility products as well as bicycles and accessories. The annual turnover in France of this industry stands at 11 billion euro. The L’Union Sport & Cycle board consists of President Pierre Gogin, former president of the FPS, Eric Daligault GM of Kompan, Jérôme Valentin, CEO of Cycleurope and secretary general Virgil Caillet who had the same position at Fifas.


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