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CEN to Standardise Self-Balancing Vehicles

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GAND, Belgium – The new Regulation on the type-approval of mopeds and motorcycles explicitly excludes self-balancing vehicles and vehicles without any seating position.

CEN to Standardise Self-Balancing Vehicles

The European Two-Wheelers Retailers’ Association (ETRA) lobbied for this exclusion in the interest of its associated members Segway, Trikke and EGRET.

The exclusion has allowed ETRA and its members to ask the European standardisation institute CEN to start the development of a European standard for these vehicles. In the next few weeks, CEN TC 354 will decide on the registration of a new work item as a result of which the TC can initiate the standardisation process.

The principle benefit of such a standard is that all European member states will have to apply the same technical regulations to these 2 categories of vehicles.

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