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Development Starts for Special Speed E-Bike Helmet; Call for Stakeholders

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AMSTERDAM, the Netherlands – Next month the development for a special helmet suited for users of speed e-bikes (S-EPAC) starts. Helmet manufacturers and other relevant stakeholders can apply for their participation in this project until the end of January, 2016. The basis for this project is a so-called ‘Dutch Technical Agreement (NTA)’ which is to turn into a European Norm.

Development Starts for Special Speed E-Bike Helmet; Call for Stakeholders
Helmet makers and other relevant stakeholders can apply for their participation in the speed e-bike helmet project until the end of January, 2016. – Photo Stromer

The start of this development process is an initiative of the Dutch industry association RAI and the Dutch Standards Institute (NEN). The basis of the development process comes with the composition of the NTA which is a list of demands for helmets targeting the users of high-speed electric bicycles. All relevant stakeholders have until January 25, 2016 to participate in this project.

Legal requirements by January 1, 2017

That this special helmet for speed e-bike users must be developed, is due to legal requirements that come into force on January 1, 2017. From that date it becomes obligatory to wear a helmet when riding speed e-bikes. As from that date the speed e-bike (also called speed pedelec) is considered a moped wearing a crash helmet that meets the ECE 22 requirements becomes obligatory. However, ECE 22 helmets are primarily heavy full-face helmets. Because the speed e-bike is particularly a bicycle a full-face helmet does not fit this new e-bike category and its users.

Suitable helmet necessity

A suitable helmet for speed e-bike users is highly needed to boost usage and sales. It should be, of course, a helmet which is safe, suits the physical exertion that involves the use of a speed e-bike and also provides comfort. Therefore NEN wants to define the requirements for a suitable speed e-bike helmet with the helmet manufacturers and other stakeholders.

Certification scheme

For consumers and law enforcement agencies, it is important to know whether the helmets actually meet the NTA requirements. This is to be arranged by a certificate from a certification body (CB). To ensure that the assessment is conducted in a uniform manner by different CBs, NEN is also developing a certification scheme.

European Standard

The lack of a suitable helmet for speed e-bikes is a problem that not only exists in the Netherlands. NEN therefore seeks the collaboration with international stakeholders for having the speed e-bike helmet requirements getting locked into a European standard.

Registration and more information

To register for the project or for more information, contact Robby Veders, Consultant Industry and Security of Dutch Standardisation Institute NEN, phone +31 15 2690136 or email

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