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New Battery Safety Standard Presented at Eurobike

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DELFT, the Netherlands – There’s a new battery safety standard named EN 50604. This International Standard is related to the testing of the safety performance of battery packs and systems for their intended use for a vehicle like electric bicycles and e-MTBs.

New Battery Safety Standard Presented at Eurobike
What product managers need to know on the new battery safety standard will be widely discussed and extensively introduced at the upcoming Eurobike Show. – Photo Bike Europe

According to CEN – the European Committee for Standardization and its representing bodies like NEN in the Netherlands – the new European Standard EN 50604, “Specifies test procedures and provides acceptable safety requirements for voltage class A & voltage class B removable lithium-ion battery (packs and) systems, to be used as traction batteries of or for electrically propelled road vehicles.”

Testing of safety performance

EN 50604 is further classified by NEN as, “This International Standard is related to the testing of safety performance of battery packs and systems for their intended use for a vehicle. This International Standard is not intended to be applied for the evaluation of the safety of battery packs/systems storage, vehicle production, repair and maintenance services.”

Dedicated test plan

The EN 50604 introduction furthers with, “This standard enables setting up a dedicated test plan for an individual battery pack/system subject to an agreement between customer and supplier. If required, the relevant test procedures and/or test conditions of lithium-ion battery packs and systems may be from the standard tests provided in this standard to configure a dedicated test plan. This standard applies to all battery systems intended to be used in conjunction with products or systems described in IEC 61851-3 series. This standard does not apply to lithium cells; batteries other than lithium ion types; primary batteries (including lithium types);- batteries covered by ISO 12405 series.”

Eurobike presentations

At the upcoming Eurobike Show this new Battery Safety Standard EN 50604 will be widely discussed and extensively introduced. As part of the Eurobike Academy on September 2, 2016 on the Fashion Show stage at the Conference Center East of the Messe Friedrichshafen a short introduction of EN 50604 will take place from 9:30 – 10am. This introduction is initiated by, ZIV, ZVEI and TÜV Rheinland and will be in English.

What product managers need to know

A more detailed presentation of the essentials which all product managers need to know about the new Battery Safety Standard takes place September 2, 2016 at Eurobike. This presentation will be held at Room London at the Conference Center East. The presentation starts at 4pm and runs to 5pm. Speakers are Stefan Scheuer, President,ÜV Rheinland and Eduard Stolz, member of several IEC, ISO and Cenelec standardization groups. The presentations are in English.

Global standardization and legislation

Before the presentation on the new Safety Standard for Batteries at the same location (London Room) a lecture on global standardization and legislation concerning e-bikes will take place from 3 to 4pm. This lecture digs deeper in the possible chances for global standardization of electric two-wheelers. As well as the market risks for further development if the industry, standardization bodies and lawmakers cannot agree on global solutions for how electric bicycles are to be considered and defined. Speaker is Hannes Neupert, Chairman, ExtraEnergy and Executive Director of EnergyBus.

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