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Dumping Fears Prompts Production in Europe

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MAASTRICHT, The Netherlands – Following earlier undisclosed reports on (Chinese) companies starting e-bike production in Europe, now Dutch bicycle assembly company BG Holland BV announces that it has increased its capacity substantially. In particular as a result of fears on new anti-dumping duties and rules this assembler “welcomed a lot of new international customers.”

Dumping Fears Prompts Production in Europe
Fears on anti-dumping duties and rules bike assembler BG Holland ‘welcomed lots of new international customers.’ – Photo BG Holland

In its earlier today issued press release BG Holland emphasizes that it offers “Possibilities for bicycle brands despite anti-dumping on e-bikes.” Ignoring the fact that the European Commission hasn’t announced any measures on this import and the fact that there are no dumping duties in place yet on from China imported e-bikes, BG Holland reports on new customers wanting to have their (electric) bikes assembled in Europe.

New assembly and storage facility

Anticipating on the anti-dumping measures BG Holland has increased its capacity with a new assembly and storage facility. BG stands for Bicycle assembly Group Holland and is proud to state that the company works with qualified technicians only, some of whom are specialized in e-bikes, and with state-of-the-art equipment.

‘Responded quickly to anti-dumping rules’

BG Holland MD Frank Klemann says “We have responded quickly to the coming of anti-dumping rules and have realized a large new facility in which we can handle our customers assembly needs with short lead times. Because of our large storage facilities we are able to respond quickly to almost any market request, no matter the volumes.”

BG Holland is located in the south of the Netherlands allowing for fast and efficient distribution throughout Europe. BG Holland is part of the Dutch Tulipbikes Group. More at

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