New 1x Drivetrains; SRAM Moves from MTB to Road

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CHICAGO, USA – Today SRAM is officially launching its 1x (pronounced one-by) drivetrain systems – SRAM Force 1 and SRAM Rival 1. The company claims that they, “Are at the heart of a movement that embodies expanding the potential, improving the experience, and simplifying the mode. Efficiency, lightweight and functionality are the preference over excess, redundancy and complexity.”

New 1x Drivetrains; SRAM Moves from MTB to Road

SRAM’s 1x movement began in the MTB category where it was quickly adopted and successfully raced across all disciplines. In 2014 1x was embraced by cyclocross. And now 1x goes even further with road, gravel, adventure, fitness and triathlon options.

Comparable to double chainring systems

1x is a secure and quiet drivetrain defined by SRAM’s X-SYNC single chainring, which now extends its range from 38 to 54 teeth. When appropriately paired to SRAM’s wide or super-wide cassettes, and managed by SRAM’s dedicated clutch rear derailleurs, 1x ratios allow riders to push gearing comparable to that of double (2x) chainring systems. SRAM’s cassette lineup now feature a 10-42, 11-36, 11-32, and 11-30.

The 1x drivetrain has new chainrings, cassettes, and rear derailleurs. SRAM is expanding nearly all of its new 1x offerings into the renamed Rival 1 and Force 1 groupsets. SRAM Force CX1™ is now SRAM Force 1.

New technologies, shifters and brakes

1x offers expanded chainrings options, from 38 to 54. The single chainring defines the 1x system featuring with X-SYNC technology. SRAM’s new 1x rear derailleurs have adopted all the same technologies from MTB but in a road specific package. The new long cage version is capable of managing the chain across SRAM’s super-wide 10-42 and 11-36 cassettes.

Shifting goes with new trigger shifters for the flatbar fitness rider, and adds the matched left drop bar brake lever to Rival 1. For braking SRAM offers next to the mechanical brake system now also HydroR options with 1x. HydroR, or hydraulic road, is the promise of better braking with more power, better modulation, and less hand effort.

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