Mastering The Hype Cycle In The Cycling Industry

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For the past several years in the IT industry Gartner Research has published its annual Hype Cycle Report. In 2014 Gartner evaluated the market promotion and perception of value for over 2,000 technologies, services and trends in over 119 areas.

Mastering The Hype Cycle In The Cycling Industry
Patrick Keating

This report tells a story of how technologies, services and strategies evolve from market hype and excitement of value to becoming a mainstream part of business.

For the past three years at VCP we’ve also analyzed hundreds of technologies across the global cycling industry as we work to establish the first early and expansion stage venture capital fund and, in addition, advise a select group of clients on strategic planning issues. We are continuously adjusting our own version of the Hype Cycle and for innovations we are looking at in the global cycling industry. But, over the past several years the main technologies that have been hyped have ranged from electronic shifting to next generation electric motor drive units to build-to-order supply chains and internet bicycle component and companies.

Whether your are a component or bicycle manufacturer or IBD you must learn to distinguish the hype from reality to make sure you make the right decision when deciding whether or not to invest in a fad or a trend or a pain killer versus a nice-to-have technological or business process improvement.

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