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FSA Launches BB386EVO

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The BB386EVO is FSA’s new crank, bottom bracket and frame system that is wider, stiffer, and interfaces with most current bottom bracket standards. The BB386EVO is designed to accommodate existing crank, bottom bracket, and frame standards while optimizing the needs of crank manufacturers, frame builders and riders.

FSA Launches BB386EVO
FSA crank, bottom bracket and frame system

The main advantage of the BB386EVO is the wider surface area of the enlarge BB shell. This allows for a wider chain stay position without losing tire clearance, more flexibility in down tube and seat tube shapes and sizes. Next to that, the press fit 30 standard allows full carbon BB shell, weight savings and the extensive adaptability means that more frame types can be used with more crank options.

SKU reduction
Another main advantage of the BB386EVO is the SKU reduction as one crank works for all applications. Thanks to the cross compatibility it works with 4 BB systems: Threaded, BB30, PF30 & 386 EVO. Above all the 30mm aluminum spindle is lighter and stiffer than traditional 24mm chromoly spindle. The new BB386EVO shell is compatible with: BB386EVO cranksets, the threaded integrated bottom bracket systems from FSA and Shimano as well as press fit 30. FSA underline that it is an Open System, available to all manufacturers and brands.

Booth number at Eurobike: A1-402

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