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KMC Launches Environmental Friendly Chain Coating

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TAICHUNG, Taiwan – In 2012 KMC became the world’s first chain manufacturer to obtain a carbon footprint certificate which will promote more eco-friendly production methods as well as a focus on eco-friendly product development.

KMC Launches Environmental Friendly Chain Coating

In light of this initiative, KMC presents a new Eco ProTeQ (EPT) Series chains at this year’s Taipei Cycle. The primary attribute of the new Eco ProTeQ (EPT) Series chain is the significantly enhanced anti-corrosion/anti-rust coating with an added focus on a more environmentally friendly manufacturing process.

Improving chain protection
In addition to following all environment standards, like RoHS, REACH, CPSIA, etc KMC factories contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions whenever possible. The new Eco ProTeQ (EPT) treatment technology improves the chain protection by coating all the components to form a comprehensive and durable anti-corrosion surface.

The substantial increase of the anti-rust coefficient, even in the most adverse environments, EPT maintains the best performance and anti-rust capabilities. Eco ProTeQ (EPT) Series Chains are suitable for Road Bike, Mountain Bike, BMX and other single speed bikes.

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