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Fallbrook Sees Growing NuVinci Specs

Sales & Trends

CEDAR PARK, USA – “The increasing worldwide adoption of our NuVinci continuously variable transmission is very gratifying,” said David Hancock, Fallbrook’s Executive Vice President of Business Units. “Reason enough for us to emphasize on NuVinci at Eurobike.”

Fallbrook Sees Growing NuVinci Specs

“In 2012, sales were twice the prior year, and we are on a track to double sales again in 2013. The majority of the units sold now go on e-bikes.”

“Demand for Harmony intelligent auto-shifting systems currently exceeds supply,” added Jack Brandsen, Fallbrook’s Vice President for Sales, Europe. “We are working very hard to eliminate this constraint and plan to be able to announce a reduction in delivery lead time very soon. We are also adding a European Director of Sales and ramping up our technical service and sales infrastructure to match the growth.”

Europe is currently the primary market for NuVinci, with more than 60 brands incorporating NuVinci technology. Worldwide there are over 80 bicycle or other sports device brands with NuVinci N360 or NuVinci Harmony transmissions. Many brands offer multiple models, in addition to men’s and women’s versions.

Durability and shift under load

“The increase in e-bike related sales has made the relationship between transmissions and motors very important,” said Chris Vasiliotis, Fallbrook’s NuVinci Product Manager. “NuVinci’s durability and ability to shift under load have made it the choice for many manufacturers, particularly those incorporating the Bosch e-bike system.”

To support the power supply to the NuVinci actuator, Bosch offers a special cable for its current Classic+ Line and the new Active and Performance Lines. This ensures an improved interface of the drive unit with NuVinci Harmony. “Solutions like that are crucial for our customers, and we are pleased to ensure further system integration of e-bike components in the future,” said Claus Fleischer, head of Bosch eBike Systems.

CAN bus-compatible

“We also have had requests for a way to have a single controller manage both the motor and the Harmony auto-shifting system,” Vasiliotis added. “We plan to develop a CAN bus-compatible version of Harmony system that will be able to communicate with other e-bike user interfaces. Stay tuned for more about that project over the coming months.”

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