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Velo Wash Cleans Mountainbikes in 10 Seconds

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VENRAY, The Netherlands – Because he got annoyed with long queues at washing areas at Mountainbike trails Luc Sterckx decided to design an automated wash tunnel. It’s targeting Mountainbikes, but of course also suited for all other bike categories.

Velo Wash Cleans Mountainbikes in 10 Seconds
Velo Wash automated tunnel operates under medium pressure and uses no chemicals and no brushes. – Photo Rowafil Manufacturing

The automated wash tunnel operates under medium pressure with which the bikes gets free of mud and thoroughly cleaned. Velo Wash uses no chemicals and no brushes.

Spray tubes at different angles

The bike is placed backwards on the transport gutter and when you press the start button a fork will take the saddle automatically through the Velo wash. Inside there are placed spray tubes with 2 x 4 nozzles at different angles, giving a maximum cleaning effect on the bike. The water pressure is around 50 bar.

The wash stops automatically when the bike gets out at the other side of the tunnel. The bike is now standing ready in the wheel-collector to be removed from the gutter. The cleaning process takes about 10 seconds.

After the bike is taken of the wash system, the saddle-fork will go back in 2 seconds to the starting position and a new dirty bike can be put on.

Velo Wash is made by Rowafil Manufacturing located in Venray, The Netherlands. The company is wholly owned by iClean Carwash Technologies BV. More at

The video below shows how it all works.

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