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Visiobike Integrates Google Glass with E-bike

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ZAGREB, Croatia – Visiobike made the next step in personal transportation with the introduction of the first electric bike with Google Glass integration.

Visiobike Integrates Google Glass with E-bike
It might sound futuristic but Visiobike introduced the first e-bike with Google Glass integration. – Photo Visiobike

Visiobike’s electronics are wirelessly connected to the Google Glass with a simple, user – friendly app with which the rider can unlock and turn on his Visiobike, monitor the speed and battery level on a Glass screen.

The rider can also change the motor assistance with a simple swipes or voice control. The integration with Google Maps is still under development and the company is also testing the usability of a VisioCam rear view mirror system.

Visiobike features a host of other smart safety and security features, like GPS tracking system and a pincode to type into the owners phone to unlock the motor.

The motor-assist of the Visiobike allows riders to travel at speeds of up to 45 kilometres per hour with a range of 120 kilometres and the most upscale model offers automatic gear-shifting.

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