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Nike Starts in Bikes at Portland’s Bike Share System

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PORTLAND, USA – Biketown is the name of a new bike share system created by the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT). Interesting is that Nike bikes are for rent here. The US sporting goods giant which is headquartered close to Portland is the title sponsor of the bike share system.

Nike Starts in Bikes at Portland’s Bike Share System
All Nike’s Biketown bikes carry the sports giant swoosh. Photo PBOT

With the support of Nike Portland’s bike share system is to grow some 70% to 1,000 rental bikes, states PBOT. The agreement with Nike is valued at USD 10 million and has an initial term of five years.

Trajectory of sustainable, long-term growth

When the Portland City Council voted unanimously to create Portland Bike Share in September 2015, it authorized a system with 600 bikes. With Nike as title sponsor, the system will now launch with 1,000 bikes putting the system, “On a trajectory of sustainable, long-term growth,” is noted by PBOT.


Due to the sponsorship the bike share system will run under the name Biketown – a reference to the sports giant Niketown. According to PBOT, “Nike revealed the innovative visual identity for the program’s standard bike.” Nike and city officials launched the Nike bike beginning of the year at the company’s Portland Community Store in Northeast Portland – close to a site of a proposed bike share station.

Nike swoosh on each rental bike

As part of the collaboration Nike oversees, “The design and branding of the system’s logo, stations and digital presence”. This means that the well-known Nike swoosh is on each rental bike. The official start of the new Portland rental bike system is planned for July 2016. It will be operated by Motivate – according to PBOT, “A global leader in bike share”.


The launch of the system has been financed with a US$ 2 million federal grant approved by Metro Council in 2011. “The expansion of the system from 600 to 1,000 bicycles and the operation costs will be financed by the US$ 10 million sponsorship agreement. In addition, user revenues will help offset operation costs. No city money will be used for bike share operations,” states PBOT.

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