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Shimano Storms Road Market with Specific Disc Brakes

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OSAKA, Japan – Anticipating on UCI’s final approval to allow disc brakes in professional road racing, Shimano extends its hydraulic disc brake range to Tiagra. Previously Shimano already introduced Ultegra and 105 hydro brakes and Sora mechanical disc brakes while unconfirmed sources state that Dura-Ace road-specific hydraulic disc brakes will be next.

Shimano Storms Road Market with Specific Disc Brakes
Road race market will see widespread usage when UCI approves disc brakes in road race. – Photo Bike Europe

During the 2016 road race season the UCI carefully monitors the use of disc brakes across all divisions of UCI professional road teams with a view to definitively allowing them to be used in road cycling from 2017. If that will be the case the road race market will see widespread use of hydro brakes. A 2015 test with the use of disc brakes in professional road race was already very successful.

Next groupset with disc brakes

Tiagra is Shimano’s fourth level road race after Dura-Ace, Ultegra, and 105. The Tiagra BR-RS405 unit is designed with a flat mount brake caliper and a mechanical hydraulic shifting lever (ST-RS405). The group set comes with a 140mm or 160mm rotor featuring Shimano’s ICE Technology cooling system. This is designed to dissipate heat and provide more braking power when needed, as well as providing consistent braking performance in all weather conditions and with all rim types.

The hydraulic brake levers are integrated in Tiagra’s 10 speed shifters. The combined gear and brake unit is ergonomically pleasing for multiple hand sizes thanks to the smooth surface of the hood and the enclosed mechanism within. These brakes can be set up easily and comes with the same maintenance technology used in Shimano’s other hydraulic brake units. Shimano’s TIAGRA-grade BR-RS405 hydraulic road disc brakes will be available from July 2016 onwards.

Dura-Ace road-specific disc brakes

Next to Tiagra, Shimano soon is to go one step further and introduce a road specific Dura-Ace level hydraulic disc system. This was reported yesterday by Velonews. According to the American publication, “this is the first hydro group from Shimano that appears to be designed from the ground up for road use. The R785, available now, was launched with a rebranded XT mountain bike caliper.”

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