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Austrian E-MTB Sales Skyrockets

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VIENNA, Austria – The total number of e-bikes and e-MTB sold on the Austrian market hiked last year by 54.4% to 77,220 units. “Nearly one-fifth of all bicycles sold in Austria is an e-bike,” notes Alexander Raffeiner of the Austrian sporting goods industry association VSSÖ.

Austrian E-MTB Sales Skyrockets
Next to giant KTM Fahrrad also Austria’s second-largest manufacturer Simplon is taking its share of the e-MTB market. – Photo Jo Beckendorff

The strong increase in e-bike sales had a direct impact on the average sales price of bicycles sold in Austria last year. Thanks to the e-bike the average sales price on the total market went up to 780 euro. The IBDs took the largest share of this growth and saw their average retail price increase by 6.1% to 1,050 euro. The average price at the sporting goods retailers rose by 4.1% to 510 euro.

Technical know-how

These statistic show most of the higher priced e-bike are sold by the IBDs like on most other markets. According to the VSSÖ, “consumers rely on the technical know-how of the IBDs due to the ongoing technical development of bicycles and e-bikes. The IBDs have the expertise to service the e-bikes thanks to the training offered by the e-bike system suppliers.”

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