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BMZ Discloses More on ‘Quantum Leap’ in Battery Innovations

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KARLSTEIN am MAIN, Germany – It has been one of the most read articles this year at; Bike Europe’s September 6 publication; ‘Quantum Leap in Battery Innovations Presented at Eurobike’. This ‘leap’ extends e-bike battery life to up to 12 years as well as offering a much higher output. Where these huge steps forward stem from is now revealed by battery maker BMZ.

BMZ Discloses More on ‘Quantum Leap’ in Battery Innovations
BMZ’s new 3Tron battery features big increase in active cell material, usage of nickel-manganese-cobalt oxide, stronger conductors and other high-quality materials. – Photo BMZ

What it all boils down to is that BMZ developed what it calls ‘giga-cells’. They are named 3Tron and come in the 21700 format; 21mm diameter and 70mm height which is a lot bigger compared to the nowadays commonly used 18650 cells. The new 21700 cells offer, “60 percent more capacity while being able to use 400% more discharge current at the same time,” claims Sven Bauer, Managing Director of BMZ GmbH.

Basis in bigger capacity and performance

Apart from the bigger size bringing a bigger output other factors come into play at extending the lifespan of an 3Tron e-bike battery to the claimed whopping 12 years. The basis for that is in the simple fact that because of the 3Tron bigger capacity and performance, there is less need to constantly charge the battery. MD Bauer says on this, “The 3Tron has more capacity and has to be recharged less. This increases the battery life to up to 12 years. 3Tron’s usable battery capacity is several times that of conventional cells in the 18650 format.”

Use of nickel-manganese-cobalt oxide

Such performance comes from the inner qualities of the 3Tron battery. Thanks to a big increase in active cell material as well as the use of nickel-manganese-cobalt oxide, stronger conductors and high-quality materials, 3Tron increases the energy yield by 50 percent. The lower internal resistance produces 68 percent more output.

Cooperation with Sony

In producing the super cell, BMZ cooperates with the world’s leading cell manufacturer Sony. This company’s manufacturing expertise comes with the annual production of  more than 300 million cells, says BMZ.

The assembly of the 3Tron batteries will take place at BMZ – Europe’s new factory in Karlstein, Germany. With a footprint of 55,000 m², it is Europe’s largest battery factory.

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