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Magura Expands E-Competence in Suspension Sector

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BAD URACH, Germany – Magura presents an upside down suspension fork especially for eMTBs at Eurobike (Hall A2-205). With its new Boltron suspension fork, Magura is expanding its e-competence in the suspension sector. In cooperation with WP, the upside-down experts, the company brought suspension competence from the motocross sector in house.

Magura Expands E-Competence in Suspension Sector
Magura‘s Boltron fork is specially designed for eMTBs and comes with, in professional motocross tested, WP’s USD technology. – Photos Magura

As its development partner, WP brings decades of upside-down know-how to the table while Magura provides the mountainbike expertise. WP (WP Performance Systems) with its headquarters in Austria supplies all the major motorbike makers with suspension systems, KTM and Husqvarna to name but two.

Important eBike and eMTB

“The eBike and eMTB market is an important market for Magura and its products. Alongside the MT and HS braking systems, which are already well received in this segment, our aim now is to also demonstrate and provide our e-competence in the suspension sector,” explains Michael Funk, director at Magura.

Similarities with motocross motorbikes

Modern eMTBs increasingly have more and more similarities with motocross motorbikes. Higher speeds and higher weight require special bearing technologies for increased braking stiffness and optimum absorption of the braking forces.

WP’s USD technology

The Boltron fork is specially designed for eMTBs. WP supplies the USD technology, tried and tested in the professional motocross racing circuit, so that the forks benefit from an extremely fine response behavior thanks to friction-optimized surface coatings on the outer and inner tubes, combined with optimally matched sealing systems. The Boltron is for 650B and 29 inch wheelsizes. Travel stands 120/150 mm. Suspension characteristics are: fixed compression oil damping; air suspension with automatic adjustment of the air pressure in the negative chamber for easy handling and rebound damping manually adjustable, The Boltron weight stands at 2200 grams.

Optimum chassis suspension system for eMTBs

The result, when combined with the Magura MT7 or MT5, is an optimum chassis suspension system for eMTBs. Even before Eurobike, interest is already high with customers such as KTM and Haibike already presenting their first models equipped with the Magura Boltron.

Bringing HCT to the mountainbike

At Eurobike Magura, which is in Hall A2 – stand 205, will also present its new HC brake lever for increased ergonomic performance. Magura’s HCT – Hard CoreTech range – originates from the Magura Powersports product range. Renowned motorbike brands like BMW and KTM use Magura’s HC Technology. Now Magura is bringing HCT to the mountainbike.

Developed as retrofit upgrade

The HC brake lever has been developed as a retrofit to upgrade and optimize the ergonomic performance of MT disc brakes. The ergonomics of the short HC aluminum lever mean that it can reliably deliver full braking power at the touch of just one finger. The feedback and experience of Danny MacAskill were key to the design and new ergonomics of the 12 mm shorter HC lever. Weighing no more than the standard 2-finger aluminum levers, the HC technology version radically improves ergonomic performance. The new brake lever is available as an upgrade for all Magura MT disc brakes MT6/MT7/MT Trail (MT8 to be added) from model year 2015.

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