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Arofly: World’s Smallest Power Meter

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TAICHUNG, Taiwan – It has been presented at last week’s TAITRA Media Tour that took place at the same time of Taichung Bike Week. It is the Arofly: the world’s smallest power meter and also the world’s simplest and most affordable power meter.

Arofly: World’s Smallest Power Meter
Arofly registers cycling power via tyre valve. - Photo Arofly

Power meters are becoming mainstream products as the offering is increasing, prices drop and the knowledge about them becomes more commonplace. Their growing popularity turns them in a new aftermarket product. The Arofly represents all this.

Installation on tyre valve

The Arofly Power Meter measures only 2 cm in diameter; weighs a mere 10 grams; is of course water and dustproof capable of withstanding all weather conditions. All this is possible as the Arofly power meter is to be installed on one of the tyre valves.

Algorithm and calibration technology

Via the tyre valve the Arofly measures tiny tyre pressure variances. According to producer Taiwan’s TBS Group, “the bicycle tyre is the first to know your pedaling power effectiveness by its reaction force from the ground. Through core and patented algorithm and advanced calibration technology the precise pedaling power is registered and with that the cycling performance. The Arofly is a hi-tech, precision ‘Pressure Sensor’ that turns tiny air pressure variances into digital data.”

App and a bluetooth connecting

That data gets visible through an app that can be downloaded from the App store or Google Play and a bluetooth connecting with the smart phone.

The worldwide patented power meter will be launched next December. Retail prices stands at USD 129. More at

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