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Milestone for E-Bikes in Holland

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AMSTERDAM, the Netherlands – When considering Holland as the e-bike model country for the European bicycle sector, then something big is in the waiting. Last year the sale of electric bicycles, eMTBs and speed e-bikes reached a milestone and broke all turnover records in the Netherlands.

Milestone for E-Bikes in Holland
In 2015 for the first time e-bike sales accounted for more than 50% of the total Dutch turnover reached with the sale of new bicycles. – Photo Bike Europe

Already for years now the e-bike popularity in the Netherlands is propelling the turnover made by the Dutch bicycle sector. In 2015 that turnover reached a milestone. For the first time e-bike sales accounted for more than 50% of the total turnover reached with the sale of new bicycles. A big 514 million euro representing 57% of all bike sales was made with electric bicycles.

E-bike trend

The Dutch industry association Rai Vereniging in cooperation with BOVAG, the dealer association, reports on the e-bike milestone in its latest ‘Mobility in Figures 2016-2017’ publication. RAI and BOVAG also conclude that since 2012 the e-bike trend drove the total turnover made with the sale of new bicycles by close to 20%; from 750 million euro in 2012 to a total revenue of 899 million euro in 2015.

Growing market share

In 2015 a total of 276,000 electric bicycles were sold in Holland. This accounted for a 28% market share as the total number of bicycles sold stood at 983,000 units. In 2014 these numbers stood at 223,000 e-bikes sold with a 21% market share.

The e-bike owes its popularity to the fact that it makes cycling more accessible to a larger group of users. Not just the elderly and people with physical disabilities can continue to cycle longer, but also scholars, students and commuters that need to travel long distances to school or work. For them too the e-bike is an attractive alternative for avoiding traffic jams, parking problems and costs.

Milestone also for average purchase price

Next to the total turnover made with the sale of new bicycles in Holland; e-bikes also drive the average purchase price of bicycles. In 2015 this stood at 1,058 euro. With that for the first time in history this price point passed the 1,000 euro mark. This is also a world record.

There’s only one downside to the march of e-bikes in Holland. It comes at the expense of the sale of other models. The e-bike market leader in the Netherlands, Accell Group, reported on this in its latest, first nine months of 2016, trading update, “The strong growth of e-bike sales comes partly at the cost of sports bikes, which is a trend we are seeing in most of our sales markets. This development contributed to the decline in turnover from regular bikes.”


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