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Accell North America Links Online Sales to Mobile Bike Shops

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KENT, USA – Mobile bike shops are to deliver bike that are sold online at Accell North America’s websites. This is reported by the US trade magazine ‘Bicycle Retailer’. Beeline Bikes, a mobile bike shop franchisee operator, is to fulfill such consumer orders.

Accell North America Links Online Sales to Mobile Bike Shops

Bicycle Retailer reports that, “US consumers will be able to purchase a Diamondback, Raleigh, Redline and Izip bike online and select and schedule Beeline Bikes as a fulfillment option and choose the exact time for an assembled bike to be delivered to their home or work. The transaction will be seamless thanks to software integration on Accell’s North America’s branded websites. Bikes will ship from the distribution center closest to the Beeline mobile van fulfilling the order. Accell North America owns Diamondback, Raleigh, Redline and Izip, and the program will launch with Raleigh bikes initially, but eventually be an option for all of the brands.”

Part of OmniChannel strategy

In the Bicycle Retailer report Chris Speyer, CEO of Accell North America, is quoted, saying that Beeline will be a critical part of Accell’s North America’s OmniCchannel strategy, along with the specialty dealer.

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