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Neco’s Latest in Dynamo Hubs Development

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Even though there are many dynamo hubs on the market, Neco developed a Smart dynamo hub called the Neco 4. Utilizing Neco’s UPS system, this dynamo has an output between 0.5 and 2.0 Amps.

Neco’s Latest in Dynamo Hubs Development

This Smart dynamo can provide sufficient power for the Neco 3 Power pack. Using the system, cyclists get a steady flow of power during their ride, allowing them to charge their electronic accessories. Extensively tested by several teams, this hub dynamo is now available for the OEM market.

Pedals development

At Taipei Cycle show Neco also launched a new pedal system. It allows pedals to be mounted and taken off without using a tool.According to Neco this has two main advantages. Firstly the pedals will not take any space when putting a bike in the trunk of car, especially with folding bikes. Secondly, the pedals can be removed easily, to reduce the risk of the bike getting stolen. The pedals come with an aluminium body, chromoly spindle, and sealed bearings. The set weights 522 grams and is patented in Taiwan.

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