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Trek Introduces Next Generation RE:aktiv Shock

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WATERLOO, USA – The RE:aktiv’s Thru Shaft is a Trek’s alternative to traditional dampers that rely on an internal floating piston (IFP). “The IFP in a typical shock compensates for oil displacement from the damper shaft. This system has served mountain bike shocks well for years, but has its challenges: pressure and friction from the IFP create lag in the shock’s responsiveness.”

Trek Introduces Next Generation RE:aktiv Shock
The Thru Shaft eliminates the IFP and associated oil displacement. – Photo Trek

The Thru Shaft eliminates the IFP and associated oil displacement, which significantly decreases lag and produces a shock with telepathic trail response for ultimate control. RE:aktiv was the result of Trek’s partnership with Penske Racing Shocks, the global leader in custom motorsport suspension design, to develop a shock with an highly responsive damper. While RE:aktiv’s success on the market, Trek’s R&D team wanted to improve the damper’s responsiveness and took an entirely new approach with Penske.

No patents on Thru Shafts

Trek has an exclusivity agreement with both RockShox and FOX Racing Shox for two years. According to Trek there are no patents on Thru Shaft, so after two years, other brands and FOX or RockShox could implement parts of the design. However, Penske still owns the patent for the RE:aktiv valve, so only Trek will benefit from RE:aktiv’s regressive damping.

The new shock is available now on the following models and their corresponding framesets:

  • Slash 9.8
  • Slash 9.7
  • Remedy 9.8
  • Remedy 9.8 Women’s
  • Fuel EX 9.9

Trek expect this list to grow in the future.

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